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Login or Sign Up. Big-Block Fox Mustang? Previous 1 2 3 template Next. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 3. Filtered by:. November 23rd,PM. Tags: None. Re: Big-Block Fox Mustang? What do you need to know? Comment Post Cancel. Just curious how it all works and what the pitfalls are. There are mounts, headers and oil pans for this. They are a little front heavy, and a 9" is a good idea.

Cooling system, trans, etc DF, might shoot an e-mail to the guys at www. No hacking involved. No joke. A friend of mine has a in a Fox body. Has up-swept headers on it, don't know many other details. I really can't think of any pitfalls other than the height of the engine. This can be helped by using K frame spacers though. All the normal swap stuff is available from a number of different sources.

Life is short. Be a do'er and not a shoulda done'er. That said iif you run the better after market heads like A's etc they have BBC exhuast petterns any way which makes this swap even easier and may explain the pre made race header availability in the BBC pattern.


That said I have this reasonably proven setup which in a light weight Fox might just go hafway fast. I say put a BBC in it. The whole idea of the fox bodies is a cheap easy to build hot rod.

It's gonna be alot more expensive doing the BBF thing, which in that car, in my opinion should not be about Why should I bite my tongue? Just a figure of speach. All right well, I say BBCHelp is just a click away! Products to Compare max of 3 X. Add to Cart. Store Pickup Availability X. Lincoln, NE. Select your vehicle to verify fitment. Select a vehicle to verify fitment. Select Vehicle. Part AUP Add to Buildlist. Click to Login.

One MEAN Big Block Chevy Swapped Foxbody

Designed to be used with a wide variety of transmissions. Designed to clear factory starter, steering shaft, master cyl. These are garage sale priced because they have some scratches and dents. Important Messages: This product is discontinued. Ground shipping only in the contiguous US. More Like This. View All Headers. Write a Review.

Maintaining your headers is an important part of any hot rod. Pat gives some tips and demonstrates how well Purple Metal Polish works for keeping your headers looking great. Ceramic Coated Headers. Watch our video on the ceramic coating process for Armor Hot Coating. Headers coated with Armor Hot Coating protect your car without sacrificing looks. Jeremy explains the different options of headers that Speedway Motors offers for Demolition Derby cars.

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Watch this video to see a variety of options and the benefits of certain headers. Tim gives a little bit of history on the Ford Y Block and shows some of the parts we have to offer. Our Tru-Ram Exhaust Manifolds are one of our most popular items. Tim provides more details about them and gives you a great look at them.

Tri-5 Headers with a Rack and Pinion System. In this Tech Tip, John explains the design behind a set of headers destined for a Tri-5 using a traditional rack and pinion style steering system. Choosing the Right Exhaust. A new motor deserves new exhaust. Click here for a rundown on selecting the best setup! You May Also Like.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media Search media. Resources Latest reviews Search resources.

Log in. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. New posts. Search forums. BBC in a fox? JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Prev 1 2. First Prev 2 of 2 Go to page. Oct 7, 3, I never said running 10's was easy.

Nov 11, 6, 1, 40 Northern KY. And all i'm trying to point out is that it'll be easier with a small block, and pointing out that you can't simply expect to drop a lb engine into a Fox and run some ridiculous number just because it's a big engine.

This post: HA! So my stock 5. What do you guess my stock will run in the same car? No need to do the math on that one lol. Oh and for the record, i would be posting exactly the same thing if this were a Ford engine. Leads me to believe that he thinks just because it's a bigger engine that it'll go faster.

Big block popularity fell out in the '80s for a reason.The very first base Mustang was just over 2, pounds! Compared to a GT weighing in at just over 3, pounds! The first SN95, right after the fox weighed in at 3, pounds for a GT manual. So the lightest fox Mustang is a coupe at 2, pounds or 2, with a 5.

The earlier foxes and I mean the first ones had lighter K-members and other little tidbits that help make it one of the lightest Mustangs. The AOD accounts for an additional 60 pounds over the T5. The most aerodynamic fox body is a base LX hatchback with a DC of. The first fox body notchback had a drag coefficient of. Moving the battery to the back helps shift over 30 pounds but also adds weight due to the extra-long cable you need.

You could also remove all the sound deadening put some dry ice all over it, should crack and come off easilyand thick insulation blankets for about 20 pounds overall. The weight or lack thereof of the fox body Mustangs is part of the reason of its popularity, if you start with a lightweight notchback at just over pounds and start doing a weight saving project, you could end up with a pretty light platform to play with. Just remember to keep it safe. Please share your own weight saving ideas in the comments below.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. The 5. Before Saleen; we had the ultra-rare Predator GT Jacked-Up-Ford Notchback. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here.Made in house here in Detroit! Top of Form. All Rights Reserved. Product Search Search:. Mailing List. Built with Volusion. Choose a sub category:. We now offer a Blank Motor Plate for your Big Block Ford to allow you to custom fit the motor plate to any frame rail or accessories that you may need to mount.

Made in house on our waterjet in Detroit! We have Blank Motor Plates for your Small Block Ford to allow you to custom fit the motor plate to any frame rail or accessories that you may need to mount. Made in house. Please specify for use of Belt Drive or Timing Chain. We have Blank Motor Plates for your Small Block Chevy to allow you to custom fit the motor plate to any frame rail or accessories that you may need to mount.

We now offer a Blank Motor Plate for your Big Clock Chevy to allow you to custom fit the motor plate to any frame rail or accessories that you may need to mount. Small block ford Mid plate. Cut in house on our waterjet here in Detroit Michigan! Team Z Chevy Mid Plate Cut in house on our Laser. Made from Aluminum.

bbc fox body mustang

Features Aluminum construction Weld in mounting tabs Grade 8 hardware. Big Block Chevy Mustang Motorplate We now offer a Motor and Mid Plate kit for 4. Made in house on our waterjet proudly in Detroit!When doing a swap there are a few things that can be difficult to nail down, one of which is the oil pan.

This is especially true when swapping an engine that the blue oval never intended for a particular platform. Fortunately Moroso covers a wide range of Mustang oil pans that can make these swaps easier. For those going racing, doing a four-cylinder conversion, or just looking for a better pan to replace the rusty, crusty one that was bolted to an old engine, Moroso part number is an ideal choice for Fox-body applications.

It also features four trap doors, and two baffles to keep oil around the sump. The kicked-out design provides good ground clearance and this one is ideal for road racing applications, street cars, or drag racers, and even fits engines with four-bolt main caps. This pan fits both and Windsor engines, making it ideal for those dropping in a bigger W based engine.

bbc fox body mustang

For the enthusiast looking to go really big in the cubic inch department, by dropping in a or based engine, Moroso has them covered as well with part number This pan features eight quarts of oil capacity and is a staggering nine-inches deep. Designed for dropping a big block into a Fox-body chassis, this pan will fit over the stock k-member and steering rack.

It is the one to have for that big cubic-inch engine swap. Modular engine transplants are made easier by the use of Moroso oil pan, part number This pan is also extremely versatile as it fits 4.

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It also fits all Mustang chassis from to present. The modular engine swap pan allows for use of 2, 3, and 4-valve engines in any present Mustang. The modular engine oil pan also features four trap door baffles to keep oil around the sump, as well as an anti-slosh baffle. This one is compatible with a factory dipstick as well, and comes with fittings for the oil temperature sensor and a supercharger or turbocharger drain back fitting already installed.

This pan is definitely a must have for anyone building a serious modular powered engine.

bbc fox body mustang

Of course Coyote engines swaps are all the rage these days, and Moroso was early on the scene with an oil pan solution for not only those looking to swap this engine into an earlier Mustang chassis, but also for current Coyote owners looking for more oil capacity, and a better pan. Part number is one of the newest oil pan offerings from Moroso.

This pan has many of the same features that make the Moroso oil pans work so well.

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There of course is the trap door, and anti-slosh baffle system, to keep oil isolated around the pickup area. Moroso also designed this pan with kick-outs to allow for extra capacity without sacrificing ground clearance. With the Coyote being the latest and most popular engine swap today, this oil pan is one that not only covers owners, but also is ideal for high performance and newer cars.

It features a thick steel rail for additional strength, and holds two more quarts than the stock oil pan.

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Like the modular engine oil pan, this pan features the requisite fittings for the factory oil level sensor, as well as a fitting for an oil temperature sensor and supercharger or turbocharger drain back. Also like the other modular pan offerings, this pan is compatible with all Mustangs from to present, making it a versatile and an easy choice for the hottest of all engine swaps.

For more information on Moroso oil pans or any of their other products, including the recommended pickup tubes and pumps for many of the pans we listed here, check out the Moroso web siteor contact an authorized Moroso dealer. We will safeguard your e-mail and only send content you request. We'll send you the most interesting FordMuscle articles, news, car features, and videos every week. We promise not to use your email address for anything but exclusive updates from the Power Automedia Network.

About Us Sponsors Advertising. Part number fits Mustangs with either a or W engine. Latest Ford News. More Stories. Moroso Introduces Ford 5. Blue Oval Muscle in your inbox. Subscribe Now.The Fox-body Ford Mustang is one of the most enduring muscle car icons. Throughout its near year reign, the Mustang remained remarkably true to its original concept: a V-8 engine at the top of the spec sheet, a choice between notch, hatch, and convertible body styles, and, of course, rear-wheel drive.

To get the skinny on how to identify which cars are worth saving, what models are thin on the ground, and how to avoid common Mustang pitfalls, we spoke with long-time Fox-body builders and restoration shops to get their first-hand advice.

bbc fox body mustang

Fox-body Ford Mustangs are not rare. Ford achieved peak production of this model during the initial model year, when a whoppingexamples left the factory. In total, 2.

From —86 the car featured quad headlights, which were replaced by a single headlight on each side from — There are passionate defenders of both looks. The four-eyed cars are interesting due to the sheer number of changes and updates that were made during their run as Ford tried to figure out the sweet spot in the affordable performance market.

This early run witnessed a pair of V-8 engines, an unusual straight-six, a four-cylinder, the brief usage of the Cobra nomenclature, the introduction of the iconic GT trim level, the short-lived SVO turbo, the convertible model, and fuel injection.

The long-running GT which featured the most elaborate body cladding and stiffest suspension first appeared in but would get a hp High Output motor in with roller cams and a four-barrel carb, around the same time that the LX which vacillate between base and comfort-oriented features also became a permanent addition to the order sheet. Of the usual suspects, the least common cars are 5.

The easiest to find? Almost any model year GT packing a 5. True rarities are also out there. The GT commemorative edition with the turbo sensing a trend here? The latter featured Koni shocks, a strut tower brace up front, and a number of other chassis upgrades to please the racing crowd and also deleted the rear seat, air conditioning, radio, and sound insulation from the equipment list.


The weirdest of the rare Foxes is definitely the 7-UP convertible, which Ford dumped on the scene in after a failed marketing campaign with the soft drink company resulted in a pair of green Mustangs with white tops—originally intended as prizes—having no place to go.

Ford took that fizzy bunch and ran with it, and although the original plan had been to build only 30 examples, of the 7-Up cars were produced. Steve Saleen made a mark on the Fox world with Saleen Mustangsboth as complete cars and as an array of performance parts and aerodynamic add-ons for the body. Almost exclusively notchbacks with perhaps five hatches orderedroughly a thousand of these vehicles hunted down speeders over the years as more and more states got with the Mustang program.

You can find the vehicle identification number on —86 cars in the following places, in either decal or metal plate form: inner door B-pillar, dashboard seen through the windshieldinner front fenders typically fender removal required to viewand radiator support. From —93, you can also find VIN tags on the door bottoms, inside, under, or on the front and rear bumpers, on the inside of the hood near the passenger side, under the hatch and trunk lid, and occasionally on some aero panels side skirts.

The first number represented the last digit of the model year, the second character denoted the assembly plant F for Dearborn, R for San Joseand then there was a 0 followed by a number that indicated body style 2 for coupe, 3 for hatchback, 4 for Coupe Ghia, 5 for hatchback Ghia. Next up was a letter to identify the engine it left the factory with, but this changed from one year to the next.

Init was T for the 3. ForA indicated a four-cylinder, B the 3. In the Fox Mustang went to a longer, digit VIN that would stay with it for the rest of production. Of course, there were tweaks made to the above formula. Engine codes came and went as well; forthe 3.

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